Scanner for Document, Photo, Receipts, Books (Wand 900dpi Color &- Built in LCD Display - Optical Character Recognition (Ocr) Software Included

Scanner for Document Photo Software Included

Product Description

Document clutter doesn't stand a chance! With Ivation's magic-wand-like handheld scanner, you can easily scan and record photos, documents, articles, newspaper clippings, book excerpts, receipts and virtually anything else printed on paper or presented on screen. The PS4300 can operate on batteries independently and store recorded data on a micro-SD card. Alternatively, you can connect the scanner to your computer using a standard USB cable and scan directly onto the computer. It is even compatible with iPad and Android tablets - simply establish a USB connection (iPad may need adapter) to copy scanned images from scanner to tablet.

Included in the box is: PS4300 900 DPI (dots per inch) portable scanner, MagicScan direct plugin (no drivers necessary) software CD, user manual, USB cable, and a handy pouch. Three included AAA alkaline batteries power the device when not used with computer, and last up to approximately 300 full-page scans. Scanning speeds vary depending on DPI settings: a 900 DPI scan in color takes about 9 seconds, while a monochromatic scan takes about 8 seconds. At 600 DPI, a color scan takes 4 seconds, and a monochromatic one just 2 seconds. Switch the sensor to 300 DPI for 2-second color scans and a quick 1- second mono scan.

The included MagicScan software features full-fledged optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities. With picture direct scanning, scanned images are inserted directly into your software of choice (e.g. Microsoft Office, MSN, Skype). Supported file formats include JPEG and PDF, and the micro-SD card slot can handle cards up to 32GB in size. A status LCD display lets you know battery life and scanning information among other things, and the device has an auto-off feature that powers it down after 3 minutes of inactivity.

Product Features

  • Scanner for color, images, documents, magazine&Books.
  • Resolution: Standard Resolution: 300x300dpi (default); High Resolution: 600x600dpi
  • External Memory: Support Micro SD card up to 32GB
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software included
  • Good for scanning documents, books & pictures up to A4 Size

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A Video Review of the Ivation Portable Scanner, June 23, 2013
This review is from: Scanner for Document, Photo, Receipts, Books (Wand 900dpi Color - Built in LCD Display - Optical Character Recognition (Ocr) Software Included (Office Product)
It may be a bit surprising but I think a large variety of people could use out of a portable scanner. As a parent it is very useful for scanning art projects or scrap booking. Students can use it for copying from books or notes at a library. In business, it can be a handy tool for anyone who is doing audits. Finally, someone who collects recipes ay find it useful to use a portable scanner to get a *perfect* copy of a recipe.

The Ivation Portable Scanner is especially handy because it is both small and easy to use. I was able to begin scanning almost immediately (although you will need to have an extra micro SD memory card handy).


- Uses 3 AAA batteries which are included

- Also requires a micro SD card in order to scan to a memory card - the micro SD is not included, but they are pretty inexpensive

- Can scan in either color or black/white - color scans are done as PDF files.

- Plug and.

Portable, Easy To Use Inexpensive, June 29, 2013
Martin A Hogan "Marty From SF" (San Francisco Bay Area)
This review is from: Scanner for Document, Photo, Receipts, Books (Wand 900dpi Color - Built in LCD Display - Optical Character Recognition (Ocr) Software Included (Office Product)
It's a fairly simple device. Simply connect the USB to Micro USB connector cable to your computer, set up the software to your computer and fill in any software questions, such as color, resolution number, etc.

The unit runs on 3 (AAA) batteries that supply plenty of charge for the scanning light. It also needs a micro USB card (which is not included). Get at least a 2 GB micro USB card. The buttons are also very simple. There are tiny indicators for battery charge level, color vs. B/W, resolution (up to 900 'dpi'), and the numbers of pictures scanned and whether the scanner is connected to the computer. The secret to scanning is to hold the item to be scanned flat and to slowly go over the document in a straight manner. If you swerve, you may get a blurred area. If you hit a bump in the surface, you may get a shadowed area.

After scanning, simply stop the scanner, plug the USB cable into your computer and download your images. At maximum scanning 'dpi', it takes.

Very Handy Scanner - Highly Recommended, July 19, 2013
C. Hill "CFH" (South-Central, PA USA)
This Ivation Portable Handheld Scanner is just about the most practical gadget that I have come across in a long time. We run a small business that provides training and also manage a small library for a crafter guild, so we deal with a lot of printed material. Before being sent this scanner to review, we would use a flatbed scanner when we needed to bring information into the PC but this portable scanner has made it much easier for us.

We tested this scanner in the standalone mode (requires 3-AAA batteries, included, and a micro-USB card, which is not included) and also connected to a Windows Vista Laptop via the included USB cable. It worked well in both modes once you figure out the correct speed to move the scanner across the text or image (or combination) to be scanned. To get the best results, the surface should be as flat as possible and you should move the scanner at a consistent, fairly slow speed.

It scans in both BW and in color, doing a decent job on.

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